A Righteous Rant

Racism in Christianity: If You Believe God Created America, Why Can’t God Bless You and Black People, Too?

Why are you letting hate block your blessings?

It’s time evangelical and southern Christians let go of racism and let Godly and real Christian values prevail…


I’ve been a Christian all my life, but when I learned that there were Christians that were prejudice and supported the inhumanity and brutality of slavery, racist Jim Crow laws and our current system of racist and biased policies — I found it hard to believe.

How can you say you love God and you the read the Bible which instructs us to love our neighbors as ourselves and not only hate, but actively seek to terrorize and destroy Black people?

I know the Southern Strategy was tricky and had you convinced we’re the enemy, but it’s time people of faith wake up and stop feeding into the scarcity conspiracy.

Since when did God run out or limit his blessings? Where does the Bible say, I’ll bless you, but only if you oppress Black people?

Racist Christians: When did God forsaken you?

How can you claim to love God, but not have faith that he’ll take care of you?

God said, he’ll supply your needs — not your wants…

How are you following religious leaders that pray over evil men, call Black women “Jezebels” and use their political connections, influence and carefully crafted words to protect their own wealth and greed? They use your hard earned tithes and offerings to live in mansions and create generational wealth for their families — while you and your family struggle for basic needs.

Of course Kenneth Copeland can laugh like a maniac — he’s work $740 million dollars and he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

When has any mega church used the majority of the church’s money to help their church members by providing free or low cost housing and health care services, grocery stores, business resources and funding, school support services, etc.?

God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Therefore, if we’re sowing discord, fear, and hate — that’s what’s coming back to you. NO ONE can stop or block what God has intended for you except YOU.

The reality is everybody has their lot and place in life and no amount of hate is going to change it. If you’re a poor farmer or laborer — targeting Black families that move into your neighborhood, refusing to hire Black people isn’t going to help you prosper. Since when did someone else’s blessing ever harm someone else? It doesn’t work that way

Loving your neighbors, being open and kind — being an example of God’s love and joy increases your blessings. Helping others — actually helps you!

Galatians 6:7 — Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Therefore, if we’re sowing discord, fear, and hate — that’s what’s coming back to you. NO ONE can stop or block what God has intended for you except YOU. You can block your own blessings if you’re not mentally and spiritually prepared. If you’re not ready, you are guaranteed to miss, squander or block your blessings.

The saying is true — what’s in you will come out and money will only amplify it. So if you’re a mean, hateful, miserable and jealous person no amount of money is going to change that. It will just intensify your negative traits.

God is not a respecter of persons — he doesn’t care about the color of your skin, class or education. He cares about the character of your heart. He cares about your faith and work. Are you content simmering in misery and hate and blaming an entire historically oppressed group of people based on a false and unsubstantiated belief that a group with lighter skin is superior.

You cannot believe in an all powerful God who can perform miracles and supply all your needs and still think you need to wage war against Black people because you think they threaten your status in life. Where is your faith?

If you’re truly a believer, then you know that everything we do on this Earth we will have to answer for — good and bad. Everything has consequence in this life and the next.

Do your really think that God is in heaven and he’s pleased with oppression, injustice and terrorism?

Do you think he’s pleased hearing the cries of 5,400 children separated from their parents, put in cages and families destroyed? Do you think he is pleased to see people suffer, permanently scared by trauma and watching people justify, profit and praise the destruction of others human beings.

Do you think defending the murder of innocent and unarmed people is part of God’s plan? He said we should forgive — not advocate for white, privileged and powerful to have zero consequences because people you deemed them worthy or they look like you.

God says to obey the laws of the land and chastise our children not uphold them in their wrong.

If we serve the same God — he’s not pleased with racist Americans who say they’re Christians, but don’t follow his words or do his will.

You can’t carry money or material things to the next life — you only carry your spirit and record of your life’s work.

Who do you serve?

Do you serve greedy, powerful people or an omnipotent God who created us all as equals and wants us ALL to be bless?

If you’re a Christian and have hate in your heart, stop blocking your blessings — let go and fight for justice and liberty for all — because that’s God’s plan…

In the meantime, I’ll pray for ALL Americans and fight for justice for those who are marginalized and oppressed.

Thank you for reading.

Writer, Founder WEOC and Editor of Writers and Editors of Color Mag Bylines in Zora, Momentum, An Injustice!, POM, Illumination, The Pink, and Better Marketing

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