Bad Tech Day #23 Update Facebook’s New “Community Standards” Are Still Blocking Me After 5 Reports…

Has the algorithms turned against us or is this a glitch?

Update: Sunday, September 13, 2020

After 5 reports and a Twitter post requesting help, I just changed my username as some other Medium writers suggested. I was able to post, but this piece was blocked:

I don’t know why. I tried to post it in both a Medium writing group and on my personal page and it was blocked under my old and new username.

This is frustrating! Facebook won’t block actual fake news and racist posts, but it’s blocking a nonpartisan piece about voting early.

On a positive note, I’m happy to be able to engage with the Medium groups on Facebook again.

August 21, 2020

I spent almost 2 hours trying to post and share pieces on Facebook and got several messages like this one:

“This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:”

Then they said it was a problem with my username… I know I’m not the only one from other threads on Medium Writer’s Lounge on Facebook. I even had a hard time on Reddit but I’ll admit that is probably a new user error.

First, there’s the confusion about Mediums’ New Terms of Service and copyright confusion:

Then, I find out that several Medium publications have been cloned by a Japanese publisher:

I’m not very tech savvy so this is troubling and getting answers from Medium can often lead to more confusion.

I’m using this self published post as a final test to see if this is a publication problem, a username glitch or a combination of both.

Happy reading and writing


I just tried to post this article and received this message:

“This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam:”

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