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  • Udaya Pillalamarri

    Udaya Pillalamarri

    Finding myself, one brick wall at a time

  • Anita Durairaj

    Anita Durairaj

    I enjoy writing about books, reading, and literature. I am also a scientist who knows what it’s like to tinker in the lab.

  • Kristine Hadeed

    Kristine Hadeed

    Social change strategist. I nudge people outside their echo chambers for the common good.

  • Bumpy J

    Bumpy J

    Numbers runner. Cigar smoker.

  • Esther Ebere

    Esther Ebere

    Business || Tech || Human @ https://getlitehost.com/

  • Elisabeth Ovesen

    Elisabeth Ovesen

    3x New York Times bestselling author, copywriter, and columnist. lilibetovesen.com

  • Chia Jeng Yang

    Chia Jeng Yang

    Principal @ Saison Capital | Consumer/fintech investing | Angel/Operator | work with smart people on projects: http://chiajy.com

  • Grey Hen With A Pen

    Grey Hen With A Pen

    Anne Saddler lives in Cornwall. She is a writer, blogger, and poet. Anne is a qualified lecturer and former Adult Education Tutor.

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