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Great piece Kit Stone! I love the idea of having an external HR department or at least to have an independent company handle complaints and investigations. Internal HR are essentially obligated to protect the company that pays them… The issues you addressed are also prevalent in higher ed and non profits. So many Black women have been mistreated by our own. I’m so glad you touched on this. I feel that celebrities can push things forward with their businesses — I urged them to do a diversity audit or at least ask the following questions:

  1. Does my business, partners or charity reflect my commitment to diversity and inclusion?
  2. Does everybody look the same meaning in color or body type? Check for beauty bias — is everybody “cute”, thin and polished?
  3. Are there any Black, POC, people with disabilities and LGBTQ represented in the leadership teams AND throughout the company? If so, how do they feel they’re treated? If not, why and what are YOU going to do about it?
  4. Are Black, brown and other marginalized groups relegated to low level, lower wage positions in the company, or partner’s company or charity? Meaning are all the “bosses” white or not POC, but all the “workers” are Black and/or POC.
  5. This is important: Do you use Black or Brown talent, contractors and vendors? Are they hired as often, vetted, paid and evaluated the same as white contractors, vendors or talent? If not, why not? Is there nepotism, cronyism or discrimination?

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