Hi - thank you for shouting out #WEOC -

This piece really made me think... I started #WEOC on Clubhouse because I wanted to have that "conversational - communal feel. Yet, after I realized half of #WEOC writers didn't have and iPhone (and I had the privilege of buying one).. It made me think:

Is Clubhouse intentionally elitist and somewhat classist as iPhones unnecessarily expensive in comparison to the production cost and I found most of the rooms I've gravitated to are with highly educated, bougie and/or highly successful Black and brown folk.

I also thought is the proliferation of Black members and moderators on purpose or happy accident for the developers and why are we making someone else rich off of our innate ability to make everything we say, do or touch cool - but can't seem to benefit or unify to monopolize or benefit from it to increase our bottom line...

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