Updated Call To Action: Check Your Voter Registration, Vote Early & Work The Polls

If we want change — we have to change our approach and how we vote

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  1. Get your ballot early and make sure you fill it out EXACTLY as instructed and SIGN IT. Please don’t rely on the US postal service! Mail delays started weeks ago and it’s getting worse. So please, pick up and drop off your ballot. Here is the link and remember every state is different.
  2. VOTE EARLY spread the word and help educate your friends and family members about early voting in your state. Please remember your elderly and sick family and friends may need some assistance
  3. WORK THE POLLS if you’re not working or have the time. Volunteer or become a poll worker. This election needs all hands on deck and people who know up to date information as the rules change — especially in our rural and inner city areas.
  4. GET EDUCATED AND MOTIVATED! Know who’s on your ballot and what they represent. Look at their policies and if they’re an incumbent look at their record and attend virtual meetings and town halls. Ask questions, get answers and spread the word. Education and knowledge is power.

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